the vision:

Growing up, Justin and Mark found beauty in the game of football and realized its potential to help kids stay focused, both on and off the field. Along with this realization, they discovered young adult mentors can have a major impact on middle school youth. From this observation The 4th Quarter after school program was born.



The why

Our youth face these challenges on a daily basis:

  • Losing focus in the classroom
  • Experimenting with drugs & alcohol after-school
  • Gaining weight due to lack of exercise 
  • Failing to reach ones leadership potential

The positive influence our mentor-ship provides will help to ensure that our youth make the right decisions when placed in the 4th Quarter ( where difficult decisions are decided and your character is defined).

the answer

The 4th Quarter program aims to create young leaders.  By using football and fitness students develop stellar habits and a positive mindset that allow them to accomplish their dreams. The 4th Quarter firmly believes that students who embody  persistence, academic excellence, selflessness, self-confidence, integrity, and teamwork will be better equipped to reach their true leadership potential.


Through adults, young adults, and youth working together we plan to:

  • Reinforce healthy lifestyle choices
  • Enhance focus in the classroom
  • Improve critical decision making skills through sport specific lessons
  • Enable students how to take action on their goals

the dream

Below are just of the few goals we are working on:

  •     Developing a program that can donate multiple scholarships to our local youth community.
  •     Providing community service opportunities for high school athletes.
  •     Developing a nationally recognized young adult coaching organization.
  •     Building a community center that can help young athletes stay focused in "The 4th Quarter Of Life".