Coach Guy (Justin Guy)

Chief Fun Officer

High School:

Coach Guy has always had a passion for helping others, functional fitness, and coaching sports. While playing on the Howard football team you could find Coach Guy in the weight room and on the practice field working on his game. Along with this Coach Guy enjoyed helping underclassmen with workout techniques and football drills. Coach Guy was a three starter on the Howard High football team, varsity team captain, and was an all-county linebacker. Coach Guy also graduated from Howard with 3.7 G.P.A., was in the JROTC program, and was selected for the National Honor Society.


As a freshmen Coach Guy served as a SGA senator for one year. This allowed him to serve the entire Towson University student body, see how to develop an annual budget, and how to practical solve problems. After being an SGA senator for a year Coach Guy was selected to attend the Towson LeaderShape academy. Here he was able to refine his leadership skills, understand how to develop a vision, and to see life from different perspectives. Shortly after this he founded the First Men’s Club Flag Football team at Towson University. It was started with 5 participants and grew to 70 participants in two years. This experience allowed Coach Guy to learn how to manage people, motivate teammates, and operate an organizational budget. While in college Coach Guy worked as a Towson foundation caller, Greene Turtle bouncer, baseball umpire, and NOAA intern. All of these jobs required Coach Guy to communicate effectively, analyze data, and make decisions under pressure. Coach Guy graduated Towson University with a 3.0 G.P.A. and a degree in Economics/Geography with a minor in Meteorology.

Early Twenties:

When Coach Guy graduated from Towson University he was excited to get into the workforce. Prior to starting the 4th Quarter Coach Guy was an energy salesman, copier/printer salesman, environmental staff scientist, and hunting/fishing t-shirt salesman. Coach Guy believes that each job has valuable lessons to teach and through persistence you can make your dreams a reality. While working these odd jobs Coach Guy became a certified personal trainer and began coaching the Elkridge Hurricanes. Here is when Coach Guy found his career path and began to improve his abilities as a group trainer and coach.


Coach Guy is still fulfilling his passion by helping community members live healthy lifestyles. He provides on-site group fitness classes to the 55+ communities in the Howard County, MD. His fitness classes focus on balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Coach Guy believes that a community fitness support system is the key to living a healthy life. This past fall Coach Guy served his first season as the Mount Hebron varsity football coach.

Awards/Community Involvement:

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • GT Educator Award

  • Camp Inclusion Board Member

  • Horizon Council Committee Member

  • Community Quarterback Award Winner

  • 4th Quarter Howard County Partnership

  • TU Foundation Scholarship Award Winner

  • High School Football Coach