The 4th Quarter

A Leadership Development Program Through Sports

Mission:"to Create Young Leaders"

2018 Golf Outing

About Us

The 4th Quarter is a leadership through sports after school program. We currently operate at Elkridge Landing and Bonnie Branch Middle School. Since 2015 our team has been mentoring middle school youth in the community. The program was born when we realized that football was a metaphor for life. Scoring a touchdown with three seconds left in a football game is the same thing as performing well on a test, being supportive to your family members is the same thing as deciding to give 100% during conditioning drills, and studying the playbook after practice is the same thing as staying up late to study for an exam. Along with this realization, we discovered young adult mentors can have a major impact on middle school youth. From this observation The 4th Quarter after school program was born.

Howard County Partnership


Under the terms of the agreement, 4th Quarter representatives will conduct a fall and spring semester in-school leadership program for students at BBMS and ELMS. 4th Quarter will also provide programming and volunteers for team building/self-awareness activities at school events such as Field Days and Family Wellness Nights. Aligned with Vision 2018, this partnership supports student well-being and involves students in building positive environments.

Howard County Board of Education Vice Chairman Ellen Flynn Giles, Board Member Ann De Lacy, HCPSS Executive Director of School Improvement and Administration Frank Eastham, Bonnie Branch Middle School Principal Cher Jones, and Elkridge Landing Middle School Principal Gina Cash will join 4th Quarter President Justin Guy to sign the formal partnership agreement at the September 9 event.

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